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A.R Apparel Sourcing

Mother Volcano Artwork

we are used to product categories on Men’s, Ladies & Kids Woven (circular Knit 40%, Sweater Knit 12%; Denim 30% & Non Denim 18%). And our running business turnover is 80 Million (approx.) per annum. Moreover for your information our Global Business Ratio is 60% in Europe; 30% in USA/Canada and 8% In Australia. We have our own factories as well as partnership being producers of Garments of all types of goods such as Circular Knit, Sweater Knit and all kinds of denim and non-denim Items. We are producing based on local yarns for quick deliveries but imported Yarns are being used as well in order to meet the demands for new fabric mixtures and constructions. Lead time very from 60-90 days depending on order type.

We are big family with 40 Merchandisers for Costing, Order follow up, Sourcing and overall to satisfy our Honorable Customers; 60 quality control persons to assure the garments quality & on time delivery for Customers; 6 Designers to support the Customers Design; 8 Commercial guys to make sure the documents are being sent correctly and on time; 3 fit technicians to make sure all the patterns and customers Sample Comments are well understood & explained to our own production units concern persons and partners production units to have the correct shape & spec and finally 3 Lab Technicians to make sure all the fabrics and garments are being checked to assure the goods performance before the goods are released.