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Acharya Yuree Vajramunee

Acharya Yuree Vajramunee is an inspirational global icon in the field of psychophysical development, an International foremost authority in the field of Mind Training, Meditation and Art of Self-defence. Vajramunee the mystic , was also selected and featured as one of the top five SUPERHUMAN of this planet by Discovery Channel. He is an author, philosopher and the founder of Butthan combat sports & Vajrapran meditative exercise system. His systems are based on ancient Indian sub-continental heritage aimed to obtain body-Mind balance, personal development rather human transformation through the systematic practice of breath control, meditation and so on. He is a multi world record holder and his 4th World Record is for the highest neuro-engagement ability (96%) in the world as confirmed by the scientific laboratory tests conducted by the team of scientists and experts . He advocates spiritual enlightenment through.