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RMG Bangladesh

Pale Skin Apparel

Ready Made Garments sector is the key source of foreign currency and GDP for Bangladesh. Approximately 4.2 million people are dependent of RMG sector for their bread and butter. Which in turn means, millions of families financially rely on RMG sector. Apart from employment and GDP, RMG sector is much more important for the identity it creates for Bangladesh to the global community. RMG is the biggest brand name that introduces Bangladesh in the global business and trade community.

Although, so many people, country’s reputation and the entire economy are largely dependent upon this industry, the youth of our nation has very little idea about the ins and outs of this industry. Whenever spoken of RMG sector, our youth pictures Rana Plaza or similar negative instances. Its high time they knew more. Its high time they learned to hope on the most promising sector of Bangladesh economy and contribute to it.

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